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September 16, 2006
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The Corset by KristinaGehrmann The Corset by KristinaGehrmann
Kristina Gehrmann

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Subtitle: Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, getting dressed (1787/1788)

Queen: "Ouch! Don't pull the strings like that!"
Lady I: "Forgive me, Your Majesty, but it was you who introduced the fashion of having a waist like that."
Lady II: "What kind of necklace do you want to wear today, Your Majesty?"
Queen: "Shut up - can't you see I'm suffering?"
Lady II: "This one is a real mother-of-pearl..."
Lady I: "Her Majesty told you to shut up. And I have do focus on those damn corset strings."
Lady II: "Let me help pulling, please-"
Queen: "Ouch! Ow! Stop that!"

First real painting after 12 months of being nearly idle. ^_^ I really missed digital painting while in Texas, and only now I've found some time to do soemthing like this. This one took me about 30 hours, spread over 15 days.

I'd like to thank the community of for giving me constructive critique during the progress. :heart:
Reference used: Photos of myself in the poses of the ladies above.
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SLawsonDesigns Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Professional General Artist
This is an absolutely beautiful painting!
However, the historical fashion junkie in me urges me to point out that the corset isn't accurate to Marie Antoinette's time period. The "sweetheart" style top of the corset [the individual breast cups] appeared in the mid 1850s. 18th century corsets were called stays, and were very angular, as opposed to more organic, hugging the natural shape of the body. Ergo her [and her maids'] bodies would be more compressed at the tummy and almost completely straight and linear. Also, even though the women who are assisting Marie are only attendants, they would still be likely to wear pockethoops or panniers. :)
Again, stunning work! I'm just rambling at this point 
TheSaneInInsanity Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hallooo ^^ I can see that you have corset art ^^ Maybe you would be interested to join my corset contest with prizes? [link]
Falldew Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Let them eat cake :D
Fitz-Chivalry Featured By Owner May 9, 2012
Corsets don't hurt.
Fun fact.
ChocoCoatedLemons Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
They can if you don't have them done correctly. In the past, corsets could have easily been a great deal more uncomfortable than now - especially for the Queen! I mean, it's not like she could relax them every once in a while.
Kiki-Koala Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
That's true that they can hurt if done incorrectly but I would think that the Queen should have a professional corsetiere to lace them up correctly for her or a competent maid. It is possible for a woman to lace herself up in a back lacing corset as the one shown here but I doubt the Queen would dress herself. Also, the maid is lacing incorrectly by pulling backwards when she should be pulling the laces sideways. Puling backwards actually hinders rather than helps.

In reality, many of the real corsets created today by professional corsetieres have not changed much when compared to traditional corsets. It also depends on the style of corset and whether it is for waist reduction or merely for fashion.

That being said, I would not have guessed this is Marie Antoinette. What she is wearing looks like a simple Victorian over bust with a sweetheart neckline. Marie Antoinette actually wore what was called "grand corps" corset which actually is much more rigid and restrictive with shoulder straps and a conical shape. She nearly caused an international in refusing to wear it but was forced into wearing one eventually.

OTHER THAN my little rant about corsets, it's a really gorgeous piece of art. I just have issues with the accuracy.
ChocoCoatedLemons Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012
That was ridiculously interesting. I'm not even being sarcastic, it really was.

I agree, the Queen would have had the best corsetieres in France catering for her. Still, she must have been incredibly uncomfortable. She was an interesting woman, definately.
Aerodil Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Wow, looks similar to the scene in my book... Heh heh, sorry just typing out loud... Anyway, as usual your work is BEAAAAUUUTIFUL! I think I am a new fan! ... I feel bad for the queen!
feline927 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012
VERY beautiful!!!!!! great job ^^ I love this drawing!!! *hugs*
Ihmislehma Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012
This is very well done, and I love it!

But just a small note: I think they still used the different, older style of corset (or stays, as they were called then) when Marie Antoinette was the Queen.

But, I still love this ;D
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